Chapter. 1-1

Wonderland Forest

A large and mysterious forest you must pass before you can begin your journey to Alice and Wonderland

Chapter. 1-2

Rabbit Hole

The mysterious passageway the White Rabbit jumped into, guiding Alice to Wonderland

Chapter. 1-3

Everyone’s Alice

An Alice themed illustration exhibit by 12 teams

Chapter. 1-4

Into the Mirror

An area made up of the characteristics of mirrors, based off of Alice’s adventure in the Land of Mirrors

Chapter. 1-5

Chessboard Theatre

An area with a large chess board background based off of Alice’s Adventure playing chess

Chapter. 1-6

Mad Tea Party

A strange tea party with Alice, the Hatter, the Dormouse, and the March hare

Chapter. 2-1

Welcome to Wonderland

A fantastical area that combines media art, interactive experience, and installation art

Chapter. 2-2

Alice Movie Room

An area where you can enjoy a music video of Alice’s delightful adventures in Wonderland

Chapter. 2-3

Alice’s Tears

An area completely submerged in water because of the giant tear puddles Alice cried when she became giant

Chapter. 2-4

Alice’s Room

A modern interpretation of Alice’s room stuck somewhere between past and present, and dream and reality

Chapter. 2-5

Who’s Dream Was It?

An area of light and contemplation for those returning to the real world like Alice woke from her dream